We offer accommodation in our permanently pitched tents.  These were commissioned to our own design and rest on a solid octagonal horizontal base raised above the surrounding ground level.  The tents have a sturdy steel frame bolted into the base, and are likewise octagonal in plan, with a central 'chimney' or stalk which allows the tallest to stand easily.  The shape has led to the tents being variously described as onions, Russian churches, and, due to their orange colour, as pumpkins.

The tents each have a trip-protected power supply, internal light, power socket, and cooling fan.  Two foam mattresses with fitted sheets, pillows and blankets lead to a comfortable night's sleep, and can accommodate 2, 3 and at a pinch, even 4 campers.

Two mesh-covered closable windows provide ventilation when needed, and 2 of the 8 octagonal sides are fitted with head-height to ground zips, allowing the tent to be fully opened for access during the day.  The octagonal shape ensures that there is space inside for bags, shoes, etc.  A towel rack is provided for each tent, allowing campers to hang their towels (supplied), or clothing.

The tents are arranged on terraces in two groups, one in the sunrise view area, the other in the sunset view location, and both areas have partial shade provided by pine and deciduous trees.  Campers from either area have access to the central toilets/shower building and to the Pines Cafe.  The camping areas are partially shielded from the rest of the Lodge by fencing, vegetation and a gate.